Please Contribute today. Your contribution enables Laguna Dance Festival to fulfill its mission for over 17 years.

To present world-class dance performance, increase public appreciation for the art, and provide quality dance education.

Our favorite venue is our Town!


$25,000 Title Sponsor for Gather Round

Join David E. Kelley and Michelle Pfeiffer as Title Sponsors for this original production by Dwight Rhoden of Complexions Contemporary Ballet set to the music of Lee Rocker’s new album ‘Gather Round’. To premiere in Laguna Beach!




$10,000 Named Company sponsor for Black Grace August 2022

Black Grace is an international modern dance company formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 1995 by Neil Ieremia. The company combines Māori and Pacific Islander indigenous dance, as well as modern dance and hip hop. According to Ieremia, a New Zealander of Samoan ancestry, the term black in the company name refers to courage in the New Zealand Māori/Pacific Islander argot of the 1980s. Grace is a quality that he admires and to which he aspires.



$5,000 Fund celebrity dance artists.

Presenting acclaimed dancers and choreographers in Laguna Beach is imperative to our mission. In the past, Misty Copland performed, attended local events, and held a book signing during her stay with us. Help Laguna Dance Festival create special opportunities like this one.





$2, 500 Fund a Teachers. Honoraria for our Week-Long Summer Intensive

Laguna Dance Festival’s Summer Intensive began three years ago and has become very popular among our Southern California community. LDF is now offering a weekend Winter Intensive and support is needed for teacher honoraria.


$1,000 Fund scholarships for pre-professional students

Each Year Laguna Dance Festival funds one graduating senior from LBHS with a $1,000 scholarship and five students who apply for a $1,000 scholarship. The funds are used for college tuition and fees, continued education, and training, and needs specified by the families.



$500 Fund a training scholarship.

We support our local underserved communities and provide free training to aspiring dancers

Laguna Dance Festival offers workshops, intensives, and classes throughout the year. Our dance program for local students serves a need for so many deserving young people. Please help us offer free training to more students.




$100 Fund locally

Share the joy of Dance! Art Walk Dance Performances in Laguna Beach. Underwriters enable Laguna Dance Festival to present world-class dance and education.





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